Child Safety workshops

All the children rich or poor, educated-uneducated, living in a modern country or undeveloped nation, have the right to grow healthy and be  safe.  In fact one of the primary responsibilities of parents, teachers, community members is health, safety and well being of  our children.

Child abuse can happen to any child anywhere and it can have a lasting effects. With number of sexual assaults in the city and specially in  the school campuses  by teachers and helpers, we all are left with irreparable scars, worst memories and safety concerns.

Being a parent I know and value the importance of child awareness about such abuses and preventive measures at an early age hence I decided to take workshops on the same. First I have started the workshop for my class students, then extended my workshops to the community children and then to the Government & other schools. Since August-2014, I could educate ~400 children ages 4-14yrs. Indeed it’s a satisfying experience but at the same time I know that  we all need to join hands for this cause and spread the awareness among children.

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