2015-Vounteer work

Every child has the right to Education and we all know and understand the importance of education however, not all the children are fortunate enough to receive the education.  In the month of the Feb-15 , when  Samridhdhi school founder ‘Mom Banerjee’ has asked me if I could teach school students and help them finish the syllabus and prepare them for the entrance exam for the main stream school , I couldn’t say no and I have decided to take up the responsibility.  Samridhdhi school helps  the underprivileged children (rag pickers-road workers kids etc) to get access to equal opportunity of holistic education. Although the school needed more volunteers for different subjects & revisions, so when I shared this with my dear friends Bhanu and Madhavi they too joined the volunteer group despite their own commitments. Within couple of days I realised that at any particular day only  50% or less number of students would attend the school, so most of the time I could see some students once-twice or maximum thrice a week. Some days there would be only 3-4 students in one class and some days 15-18 students and that made the teaching process quite challenging.

What I observed is, there are various reasons why the school children couldn’t attend the school but the main reason is poverty and the second topmost reason is parents  who work hard around the clock, couldn’t monitor or guide their children on education-good upbringing etc on a daily basis so it completely depends on child’s interest if he/she wants to go to the school or not. Of course their are few who are passionate about learning and try to attend the school regularly. I tried my level best to encourage all the students to attend school regularly by telling them different stories or giving them incentives.

Teaching these students, spending time with them, answering their curious questions, seeing their smiling faces and enthusiasm to learn was amazing. The happiness I could see on their faces when I would give them a star or a good remark was simply great. In just weeks we developed a wonderful rapport that on the last day – 3rd April, they all requested me to continue teaching them, visit them everyday and the heart warming moment was when one of the youngest child four years old just held my hand and refused to let me go. What else do I need I  already got my reward – it surely gave immense satisfaction to me. Thank you Bhanu, Madhavi & Aparna M. who joined later for couple of weeks, for your  support and dedication, appreciate it.   Some one has once said  “We can not always build the future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future.” Atter all its a team work and we all need to join hands to make a difference.

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