2014 – Summer

Summer-2014  classes for Samriddhi kids from 7th April to 17th April.

I conduct summer camps for my class children for English R/W, story telling, life skills but I always wanted to take summer classes for underprivileged kids who usually do not get any exposure for such classes. When I communicated my desire to conduct summer classes, the school trustees were more than happy to give me their school rooms in fact they showed great  interest in sending all the children ~100 for the summer camp in batches.  But I wanted to take the summer classes at different location, I wanted all the children to step out, see & explore something different than usual. Initially I had planned a five hour workshop for a week  with my interested friends for 15 kids in the community hall. I tried hard since December to get the community hall but unfortunately because of some rules and regulations I couldn’t get the permission to conduct the workshop in the hall. Till March I wasn’t sure if I could conduct such summer classes.

I believe that where there is a will there is a way. I met the School trustees again &  we all came up with the alternate plan. I was fortunate that school trustees agreed that we can have the summer classes at our places and they will arrange their school bus or send the kids to our houses. They also agreed to send less number of kids which we can manage in our individual houses. Finally along with my dear friends Bhanu and Priya, we started the much awaited summer classes.  Based on the requirements & schedule we decided to take classes for Creative writing, Math/Science, English reading and life skills for few hours every day.

First day eleven kids came and I am happy to say that all of them were very well mannered. I was amazed to see kid’s enthusiasm. Second day onwards they would come an hour early before the class timing. Sometimes I would have to start the class early. All the kids were talented, active and very curious. For everything they would have a list of questions and unless they are satisfied they wouldn’t allow me to go any further… because of that the class would be very interactive & happening. They showed great interest in learning, understanding concepts and actively participated in the class.

One of the days we spent time in understanding the meanings of everyone’s names, it was pretty interesting, fun filled  and informative activity, something exciting-new… Arman, Assadul, Masoom, Emon, Rubel, Noormiya, Najma, Ayesha, Ravuel, Pratap, Yasmin & Sadiya.. Beautiful names with beautiful meanings…

Overall I had a great time with these kids and it was quite an experience for me too. I know  kids liked all the classes and enjoyed them thoroughly. Looking at their interest I would surely plan something similar in the near future either with the same group of kids or another group. Thanks to my dear friends Bhanu and Priya who helped me throughout.

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