Mathru Foundation

On Sunday August 25th 2013, we had planned an annual Sanskarvarg donation field trip to Mathru Foundation. Mathru Foundation gives shelter to physically handicapped children and provide them with education , medical help and food. Sanskarvarg kids were very excited the minute they heard about the donation trip. They themselves started planning and sharing their views and comments. Many were curious to know more about the foundation, their work and other things.

Once everything was planned all the class kids made greeting cards for each and every kid in the foundation. Then they showed great interest in knowing how they could contribute other than money, by getting something for the Mathru foundation kids. After checking with Smt. Malathi Holla (founder) I requested all the kids to get sweets/snacks/board games.

Finally the day had arrived, 25th August, we all reached the organization by 11am. All the kids and their parents got many sweets, snacks and games for the foundation kids. Mr Reddy (Co-founder) and all the children gave us a very warm welcome. We spent  sometime introducing ourselves to each other. Unfortunately we couldn’t meet Padmashri-Smt. Malathiji because of her personal emergency but  Mr. Reddy made us feel at ease and gave us all the information about Mathru foundation, starting from, how they have thought about this to what are their future plans. Class kids were all carefully listening to Mr. Reddy’s words. Then we had a great QA session in which everyone participated and tried to understand more about the foundation. It was great to know about their skills, efforts they put to achieve something and were amazed to see their progress.

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Later on class kids gave their handmade greetings and chocolates to other kids. We all extended our helping hand by giving a cheque. Class kids sang the Universal Prayer at the end of the event and to make it more fun filled even foundation kids sang couple of folk songs too. Over all visit to Mathru foundation was a memorable and an inspirational visit. It was quite a learning experience for everyone and especially for the SanskarVarg students. Because of the same age group as the foundation kids, class kids could relate to them and could understand the importance of their visit and the need to extend their helping hand.

Thank you Matru foundation for giving us this opportunity.

Kids review on their visit to Mathru foundation.


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