Cracker free Diwali

By – Amodi Kulkarni – 10 yrs old


Once there were three friends playing outside their home. Their names were Anand, Rajesh and Priya. They were very excited because Diwali was the next day! Anand said, “I just can’t believe Diwali is tomorrow! I can’t wait to burst crackers”.

Rajesh said, “Yes, my parents and I are buying many, many crackers from the store”.

“No no, we should not burst crackers”, said Priya. “It will cause pollution”.

“Who cares? It’s just for the fun of it!” said Anand.


The next day, the three children burst a lot of crackers. They had a lot of fun, but by the end of the evening, they also started coughing a lot and their eyes started burning from the smoke.

“See, I told you”, Priya said, “bursting crackers will cause sickness”.

Anand said, “Yes, but we can’t undo what we did already.”


Many years later when they were older, the air was filled with smoke. The air was so dirty, it was not at all fresh. People couldn’t walk outside their homes without a mask to filter the air they breathed. Children could no longer play outside. One day, the three friends met again.

Anand said, “Just look at the atmosphere!”

Priya said, “Remember the time I told you that we should not burst crackers? We just had the temporary joy of bursting crackers, but didn’t know the permanent change it would cause”

Rajesh said, “What can we do to fix it?”

Priya said, “We can all stop bursting crackers”


The End