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Honesty is the best policy by Anagha Jagannath

There  was  a  girl  called, Nikita. Her  friend’s name was  Akhil. He always cheated or lied. Still Nikita was    his  friend. On  the  Independence  Day  celebration , he cheated Nikita. She  had  bought  a  beautiful  ribbon  to  tie  her  hair. … Continue reading

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Birth of Lord Shiva

There is a very interesting story behind the birth of Lord Shiva. One day Brahma and Vishnu both were arguing about which of them was more powerful. That time one great blazing pillar appeared whose roots and branches extended beyond … Continue reading

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Rainbow Magic & The Holi Colours.

 Once upon a time the rainbow colours started fighting on the question,”Who is the best out of all The colours?”. The blue argued saying ,”I am in the colour in peacocks and blue birds…So I am the best. White would … Continue reading

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