Around the World


‘Globalization’, in my opinion means, Optimistic , Courageous New world with no barriers which is bringing the world closer through exchange of products  information, technology, culture etc. Before we could understand its advantages & disadvantages,  the changes of Globalization had already entered into our lives through technology, food, lifestyle, thinking, in so many different ways. At the same time Globalization had given all of us an opportunity to interact in depth with individuals from different cultural background. The most prominent impact of Globalization was on the online communities, which is providing a common social platform , where people around the world are coming together and information ,ideas, experiences are being shared worldwide.

We all live on this Big beautiful Mother Earth but we don’t live together, we don’t share same culture, we don’t think alike. We all know each country is unique. Different countries are famous for different things. So In this Globalized world, teaching our kids about world culture will surely help them see the richness and beauty of different cultures and help them appreciate the differences in people, their traditions  lifestyles etc. In the process they might discover lot of similarities like global values, humanity services, Ecolife and the list goes on….

Without ever leaving the home or packing a suitcase we can take our kids on travel and explore with them. Maybe they will be inspired to travel in real to all these places someday. That’s the reason why I came-up with this “Around the world” theme. Where kids will learn about different countries, their cultures, lifestyles, food etc in just few clicks. As we all are currently living in India and our kids are learning about India in schools, so I thought why not give more emphasis on India and her different states.
Lets begin with India.


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