Why Sanskar-Varg?

While visiting India on a Business trip in late 2007, I was carefully monitoring,comparing  the Indian lifestyle & its new,changed standards of living etc, as we were in the process of making our final decision to return  back to India for good.
As a parent my first goal was to make sure my kids were comfortable & happy. After finalizing on the school,  my next aim was to look for the after school activities. But while choosing the after school activities for my daughter, I found myself  in the circle of too many classes. It was tough to decide what class to go for but like any other parent, I started the regular music, karate, TT,classes for my daughter.
But being in India I was specially looking for a class to educate kids about Values, Great Indian culture, History, day-to-day Life Skills etc…  We parents know children’s character development can’t come from the classroom alone. The qualities of character develop at different levels by observing, experiencing and through an interaction of family, school, community influences and the child’s experiences, choices and temperament.  In-short it depends on number of factors. I was looking for that solid platform  for my kids where they will get introduced to these factors. I knew such class will be a good foundation for my kids good character & happy-successful life. I knew its importance & I surely wanted my kids to join one.  I tried hard to find one such class per my expectations but in vain.

After much thought & consideration, I decided to start one by myself. Sometimes what appears to be the end may really be a new beginning. Being a daughter of socially active parents, who run many such activities for free for many years, I thought I could do it too. Being a student & an instructor of similar classes before marriage, I knew what to offer & how to offer. I came up with a plan of action & I continued the legacy by making it a non-profit class. I also incorporated certain new styles and techniques in the class using my engineering skills & knowledge from my management degree to make it more appealing & kids friendly.
Today, I am happy to inform you that, it’s been more than six years since I am conducting these classes successfully. I have different batches with students ranging from 5-13yrs & needless to say, it gives me immense satisfaction  & pleasure to be part of their early learning.

Sanskar-Varg is not a religious class to learn Prayers & Mantras. This class is for child’s overall  development in the early years & learning prayers/having faith is part of it.
I teach Sanskrit prayers & there is an important  reason behind it. Sanskrit is the most ancient, systematic & logical language. Chanting Sanskrit mantras not only help child
overcome stiffness of tongue but its rhythm, breathing pattern  works like a magic on different body parts. Sanskrit mantras are believed to produce vibrations & these
powerful vibrations can influence our mind & body.  Along with Sanskrit Prayers, I teach them Values/LifeSkills through interactive sessions, activities, Information about Indian customs, festivals, World famous great personalities, stories etc etc. In short SanskarVarg is an exciting educational & informational class.
In my opinion, Every thought and every action leaves a subtle impression in the mind of a person as a permanent record, these are called Sanskaaras.
It also means a cultural heritage and upbringing. That’s what SanskaarVarg does, to become a partner in your child’s early learning.

“You know that the beginning is the most important part of any work,especially in the case of a young and tender thing; for that is the time at which the character is being and the desired impression is more readily taken…”  Plato’s Republic


146 Responses to Why Sanskar-Varg?

  1. sneha rane says:

    Just wanted to know anyone conducting sanskar varg in Borivali Mumbai.Kindly let me know

  2. Sanjay Tambe says:

    Just wanted to know anyone conducting sanskar varg in Aurangabad kindly let me know

  3. Smruti Kulkarni says:

    Hi, Being a mother of 6 yr old daughter was also interested in doing something similar.
    I am from Vashi,Navimumbai. Do you have any general outline how to conduct these classes.Can you please guide.
    Being an Architect by profession I would club it with Art class.Please advice.Thanks.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Smruti for the comment. Indeed its a great idea to start this class in Vashi.
      Of course we can add a flavour of our profession in such classes, it surely helps, widens our scope and ideas to execute the class.
      I am happy to inform you that , like you, there are few more who are interested in starting this class so I am in the process of printing a small book for each class level. If you are interested please feel free to contact me & will proceed from there…
      We all can work together and make a difference!!!

      • vinay says:


        i am interested in available content for starting sanskar warg. we need material for approx 20 hours / 2 hrs per lesson max

        v inay

  4. sanskarvarg says:

    Thank you Vinay for your interest in Sanskarvarg. I will update you once the books are ready.

  5. akanksha ghate says:

    Hello Sir
    I wish to enroll my son for your next batch
    Kindly help me with your contact details.
    Awaiting eagerly for reply.
    Thanks and regards
    Mr Vijay ghatke

  6. akanksha ghatke says:

    Hello sir
    I read previous post even i am interested to avail the material for sanskar varg
    Pl sendme also
    Thanking you
    Akanksha ghatke

  7. sanskarvarg says:

    Thanks for your interest in the Sanskarvarg, I will update you too once the books are ready.

  8. Rashmi B N says:

    Hi can u share your contact details….i want to enrol my child for the classes

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Rashmi for your interest in the SanskarVarg.
      btw:Where are you located?
      Currently I am taking these classes in Bangalore & unfortunately
      we don’t have any branches in other cities.

  9. Rashmi says:

    Cud you plz suggest any similar classes in Pune?

  10. Shraddaha deshmukh says:

    Hello Aparna,I liked ur work really.I am homemaker now and have 4 years son.Earlier worked as software professional in Pune.I was searching for sanskar varg in my area and found ur site on net. Ur work is really precious.I don’t have any artskill but still want to join u to start ur branch here in Pune if possible.Please give me ur contact details or at least guide me to start with one

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Shraddaha for your nice comment, appreciate it. That’s a wonderful idea, my goal is to educate as many kids as possible and if we all could join hands together then we can surely make a difference. I will contact you after Diwali and will see how it goes. Thank you very much for your interest.

      • pratibha says:

        can i take such type sanskar warg in airoli.I am interested in this

      • sanskarvarg says:

        Of course Pratibha, you can start such classes anytime.
        This kind of work needs self motivation so if you are passionate about this work, enjoy working with kids and most importantly
        ready to devote some time then you can surely do this. If you need any help or want to start a branch there
        then please let me know.

        Thanks & Regards

  11. sneha more says:

    We are going to start sanskar varg in Bhandup so can you pleas give us any idea about that?????

    • sanskarvarg says:

      That’s great Sneha. Please let me know what kind of help do you need?
      Also if you are interested in my Sanskar Varg syllabus or books then please let me know.
      Thanks & Regards

  12. Manisha says:

    Hi, Will it be feasible for you to take online sanskar classes on skype.I am in London and I am looking for these kind of classes.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Manisha, for your interest in the SanskarVarg. I am happy to say that, I have received such requests earlier too from within India, USA, Singapore etc and
      I am working on it and I will surely update you on the same shortly.
      Thanks & Regards

  13. sheetal says:

    Gone through the above details for sanskar class . What really appeal me is need of this class particularly for kids . If it’s in pune would like to visit definitely.

  14. Shubhangi swarup Hanchate says:

    Hello mam; i appreciate ur work ; i want to do something for children; so can i take such sanskar varg in pimle Gurav ( pune)

  15. Dipti says:

    Hi cald u pls gve me details of Sanskar varg

  16. Shilpa navkhare says:

    My 4year daughter she has very much interest in such type of sanskar classes .But how to guide her .plz guide me if u have any books available for these classes plz tell me mam..

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Good to know Shilpa that your daughter is interested in this class.. Please help her learn basic sanskrit shlokas at home… regularly…regularity is very important…story time is another fun way to teach kids different values-lifeskills…etc…thanks..

  17. Akriti Saraf says:

    hi i would like to opena similar setup in mumbai..please reply with the details on akritig89@gmail.com

  18. Medha says:

    Please let me know is there any sanskar warg branch near vishrantwadi or dhanori pune.

  19. Mrs.Patil says:

    Respected sir/madam..
    I’m a women with passionate about work all the time… I’m stated in A’nagar..N planning to do such activities like sanskar varga…n one of my friend is also interested in such activities…
    We are going to plan to do this in next week.. can you please advice n give some knowledge related to this…u can mail me as well!!!
    Looking forward to your reply..Thank you!!!

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Namaste Mrs. Patil
      thank you of your interest in Sanskararg. I had already send you all the details via email…long back hope you got it… Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

  20. shweta naidu says:

    Want sanskar varg for my kids in aurangbad

  21. Chetana says:

    Dear Mam
    I am also want to start sanskar varg at my home. I am in pune. Can you guide me for this?

  22. Dipali Manik shingade says:

    Do u have branch in kolhapur or do u know any Swanskar Varg in kolhapur please reply

  23. sunayana says:

    Great work.
    I also interested starting sanskar varg at Delhi And need material for it. Will you please help me in this regard.
    Thank you 😊

  24. Dipti says:

    Hello, I m in MULUND, Do u have any branch in MULUND, and I really like ur idea, could you please provide me details my number is 9833204933

  25. Namskar,I have started the sanskar varg, Please guide me.

  26. Neha Jagtap says:

    Hi, Please let me know your location in Bangalore. I’m a mother of three year old and have started teaching simple sanskrit shlokas. My daughter shows interest for more. I would love to enroll her for sanskar varg.
    Being away from Maharashtra, where such classes are common, I was happy to find one in Bangalore!

  27. abhay katkar says:

    Any sanskar vary class in chembur

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Abhay for your interest in the class, unfortunately we don’t have any branches there. If someone is interested in starting a branch there…we will be happy 🙂

  28. Shriram Chavare says:

    My son is 11 years old. I am living in pune. Want to know details about this. My cell no is 99706 75555

  29. Sonali Rokde says:

    Hello, Really appreciate your work.
    I have a small group of ladies with me and together we are willing to start a Sanskar Varga for kids in age group of 2-6 years in Pimple Saudagar, Pune. I will be glad if you can guide us for the same on the material, activities etc.
    I have a son who is 3 years old now, I did not find anything suitable for him, so thought to start it myself.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Sonali for your interest in the SanskarVarg. That’s really great Sonali..
      Sure I would be happy to help you with… will contact you shortly.


      • sanskarvarg says:

        Hello Sonali…I had send you an email from Tejomay account long back..hope you got it. Please let me know if you need anything else. thanks

  30. Sanjay says:

    Where is in pimple sausage pune

  31. Priya says:

    please give your contact and address in detail.

  32. Varsha Kadam says:

    Hi Aparna..

    I really appreciate your work and I know you are doing one of the job of your interest with satisfaction. To be very Frank, even I was thinking to start such a set up in Kalyan. Actually I was working as consultant in reputed company. Have taken a maternity gap but now I don’t want tg no run behind money as my priority now is my Little Angel. I learned a lot in this period being a mother, being a social aware citizen and I DO understand the need of such sanskar classes which will help to bring new generation not only smart but responsible, socially aware, sensitive, in short with not with good IQ(Intelligence Quotient) but with good EQ (Emotional Quotient )and SQ (Social Quotient).

    I was thinking to start similar-one. I would appreciate your expert advice and suggestion rather than starting from scratch. Kindly contact me on kada.varsha2011@gmail.com

    Best Regards,
    Varsha Kadam

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Varsha for your wonderful comment. Yes indeed we all need to understand its importance and come forward to take the action. Sorry I was occupied with our organizations annual day hence the delay.
      I will shortly contact you via email.

      • sanskarvarg says:

        Hello Varsha
        I had already sent you an email long back from Tejomay account ..hope you got it…please let me know if you need any other help.thanks

  33. Meghana Avhad says:

    Dear Mam
    Well wishes for your great work..
    Already I’m sending my kid to a Sanskar class. I also visit sometimes with him and I really started liking such kind of activities.
    I also want to start sanskar varg at my home. I am in pune. Can you guide me for this?
    My email I’d is
    please suggest if I should do some courses or take training.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Meghna for your interest in Sanskarvarg.
      Good to know you are already sending your child and enjoying these classes.

      Sure i will contact you shortly via email.

      • sanskarvarg says:

        Hello Meghna
        I had already sent you an email long back from Tejomay account ..hope you got it…please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. thanks

  34. vishakha says:

    Do u have any branch nearby pimple saudagar, Pune?

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have nay branch outside Bangalore yet…. We need passionate and dedicated volunteers/teachers to run these classes…Hopefully in the near future we might start.

  35. Rachana says:

    Hi Aparna…
    You are doing fantastic work with children..hats off…I have a 3 year old daughter and previously I have worked in Software field…I am interested in starting a Sanskar Varg for children in my area in Bangalore. Need your guidance…

  36. Mrs.Archana Rokade says:

    Sir ,
    Please send me your contact no.
    Reg.my children’s sanskar class varg.

  37. Rachana says:

    Hello I am in Koramangala Bangalore. I want to start sanskar Varg in my area.Can you please help me.

  38. anand says:

    hi I need to enroll my son for a batch of this. He is 11years old. Please let me know the number where I can call to get more details. My phone number is 7387089312.

  39. Nasir Shaikh says:

    I would want my 8 year daughter to be enrolled . she is fond of other languages. Pls contact me or share your contact details

  40. Priya says:

    hello, I need to enroll my daughter for a batch of sanskar varg. We are staying in Goregaon, Mumbai. Is there possibility that kids can attend Sanskar varg through virtual clasess via internet??

    • sanskarvarg says:

      That’s an awesome thought Priya… Number of parents have asked me about the same…
      Last year I was busy setting up my NGO hence couldn’t concentrate on this….I will look into this virtual classes…. Although I still believe, for kids onsite- interactive classes would be really good and helpful. Thanks

  41. Nilima chaudhari says:

    I am from new sangvi pune.
    I dont know where sanskar varga is conducted in aundh and sangvi.
    Please inform me about location.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Sorry Nilima, I have no idea if anyone conducts such classes with this kind of concept but i am sure number of bal vikas classes/shloka classes would be there in Pune. thanks

  42. sayali sachin chavan says:

    Just want to know anyone conducting bal sanskar varg in pune. Let me know.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Sorry Sayali , I have no idea if anyone conducts such classes with this kind of concept but i am sure number of bal vikas classes/shloka classes would be there in Pune. thanks

  43. Padma says:

    Hello Aparna,
    With an intention to start teaching shlokas to the small children in our Soceity in Pune , I was going thro the Internet for ideas and came to this blog of yours. Wonderful work you are doing and can see the efforts you are putting in it.
    I am a grandmother with my kids settled, grandkids abroad. So with time at my disposal .
    Can you please send me the books/ syllabus you have prepared for this class. Will help me to do my work in a organised manner .
    My email id padmar58@gmail. com
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  44. Padma Ramani says:

    Hello Aparna ,
    With an intention to start teaching shlokas to
    Children in our colony , I was going thro the net for ideas when I found this blog of yours.
    Wonderful work, and impressed by the efforts you have put in.
    Will be nice if I can get the book / syllabus you follow for these classes.
    Can you please send it to me .
    My email id padmar58@gmail.com

  45. Swapnali says:

    Hello Archana madam i am from thabe nd i also want to start sanskar classes. Will u pls help me for this?

  46. Hi

    Interesting concept … As from the field of child development I can relate to it. Would like to knw more about this . I run a linguistic enrichment center in Pune. Would love to work in collaboration if you are interested ,please reach us 9689162647 or pratigya.sharma@bookwingsclub.com

    Pratigya Sharma

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thanks Pratigya .
      Wow! Linguistic enrichment center – that’s awesome..
      Thanks for your interest in collaborating with us…
      I am just getting back to the routine after the family emergency so I will contact you next week. thanks

  47. nitin says:

    I’m planning to start in new panvel. I’m searching material. Can u guide me.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      That’s awesome Nitin… as i always said, many should come forward and start such classes ..just the condition is he/she should be passionate and dedicated for this cause. Please let me know other details about the class and will help you. thanks

  48. Seema Salunkhe says:

    Do you have any branch in Pune

  49. Nasir says:

    I am located in Pune


  50. sanchita madhukar devale says:

    Please just wanted to know anyone condicting sanskar varg in sandhurst road mumbai.kindly let me know

  51. Kaveri says:

    Very nice u r doing a good job ,,,after all our kids need to know abt the great culture of our country….

  52. Ritu rathod says:

    Hi, i want to start sanskar varg. How I can contact you get details regarding this. I genuinely want to start class and need guidelines.

  53. Manisha K Sant says:

    Hello mam,
    I appreciate ur work ; i want to do something for children; so can i take such sanskar varg in Badlapur , can u plz send me all basic detils via mail

  54. Asmita Deo says:

    Hello Aparna mam,
    I really respect your motive behind running such profitless institute.Upbringing the future generation with traditional values ,enhancing their skills is a requirement of today’s life.I am a newly mother and currently a housewife residing in mumbai.i am desperately looking forward to start such non-profitable classes which will help in upbringing of the next generation.i kindly request you to provide me with the syllabus which will help me to plan my course.you can mail me a copy of your book on email id-asmikulk@gmail.com
    waiting for your reply.

    Asmita Deo

  55. kanchan vikas jadhav says:

    Dear mam, I am also want to start Sanskar Varge at my home. I am in pune can you guide me for this my email id is kanchan.jadhav@hotmail.com thanks in advance

  56. Madhuri Datye says:

    Hello man,
    My daughter is just completed 3 years and I am looking for Sanskar varg for her I am leaving at Thane west is their your branch nearest to panchpakhadt if not can you please suggest any classes nearer to panchpakhadi thane. Awaiting for your positive reply.

  57. Shamsing Rajput says:

    Dear Aparna,
    I am Rajput. I wish to start “Sansar Varg” on Sinhgad Road Pune. How can help you to me in this regard. CaN you send me syllabus & material on my mail – elcon02@yahoo.com.
    Your co operation is anticipated.

  58. vinayak says:

    Dear Sir/ma’am,

    Thanks for the information, I want to start sanskar varg in Bhor( Taluka place, 50km away from Pune)
    Could you please share the details for the same.
    My mail i.d is vinayak.dal24@gmail.com

  59. Sarika bhosale says:

    Hi Aparna
    I need address of sanskar Vargas in pimple Gurav ,Pune.

  60. Sangeeta Mahesh Borde says:

    Dear Mam, I also want to start Sanskar varg at my home.please guide me.I am from pune.

  61. Vidya says:

    Hello. Im luking for such classes in kalyan west for my 4 year old son. Pls inform. Thankj

  62. Narendra says:

    Whether there is branch in Kharghar

  63. Sonal desai nandodkar says:

    Please let me know is there any sanskar warg branch near vashi / koper khairane in navi mumbai

  64. Revathi says:

    I want to start Sanskrit varg for kids at my home..Teaching different shlokas and telling them different moral stories.

  65. saakshi says:

    Where is Sanskar varg conducted?
    Any contact number?

  66. Hi I’m interested in your work, could you mail a copy of your book. We would like to do similar work in Pune

  67. Sachin ptkar says:

    Let me know sanskar shubir nearby kalyan

  68. Neela Pandit says:

    Want to start a Sanskar-Varg at Indore. Are you planning a ranch there or else how to start one. Thanks

  69. Manasi says:

    Want to know any body conduct classes in pimple Gaurav area, Pune

  70. Manasi says:

    Want to know any body conduct classes in pimple Gaurav pimple saudagar area, Pune

  71. Anuja says:

    Hello I stay at Aundh and very much looking for this kind of class for my daughter who is 5.5 yrs. Can u Plz msg me Ur detail

  72. Laxmi waghmare says:

    Hey..I read ur blog about sanskar Varga.I am an Engineer.. n I really like to work with kids.. N am good at Sanskrit too.I just thought about such clssses from last few yesrs.. but cause of the job n such hectic schedules I couldn’t.but now I just shifted in nerul new mumbai.. and I am interested to start Sanskar Varga here.so,can u please provide mi ur syllabus or books and please let me know how can I start this..please help mi

  73. Manjiri says:

    Hi.. i also wish to start with sanskar classes. I need guidance on the coverage and how to go ahead. How do I contact you

  74. Manjiri says:

    Hi still awaiting the revert..!

  75. Manjiri says:

    Hi, i need info on this . Still awaiting

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