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I am Aparna, a Software Engineer by profession & have worked in different Software companies in USA. Currently I am a full time mom taking care of my kids. In short, handling the most important, the most critical job in the world 🙂

I started Sanskar-varg in Nov-2007  when I visited India on a Business trip for five months. Sanskar-Varg is a not for profit class. Sanskar-Varg is a class for kids (5-13 yrs)) to introduce Indian cultural/traditions & the most important aspect of child’s life ‘Values & Character Building’. It is an interactive class where kids enjoy stories on different Values, learn about life-skills,  sing prayers, know more about Indian culture, festivals & its importance, learn about World’s great personalities, do fun-filled activities etc.

I was always associated with Sanskaar varg, which my mom had started, more than twenty years ago, as a student, as an instructor & also as a sponsor. I wanted to leverage that experience to serve our community by incorporating modern techniques and style, keeping the original meaning intact. I am happy to inform you that, it’s been six years since I am conducting these classes successfully & wish to continue it in the future.


19 Responses to About Me

  1. Shankara Rajaier says:

    Great work Aparna. You give a meaning to our lives. God bless you.

    I spoke to Mr. Isaac at Santosh Charity this week. I want to work with them on the needs of the children – starting with the 3 Diploma kids.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Mr. Shankara for your kind words, appreciate it. Happy to know that you have contacted Mr. Issac and now working with his kids. Thanks for extending your helping hand to Santosh Charity.

  2. anuradha ambole says:

    can u suuggest me a class in thane. my kid is 5 year old.

  3. Akanksha Gupta says:

    Hi Aparna,

    My name is Akanksha and I stay in Thane. I am so impressed with your blog. Hats off to you for starting this initiative. I have also relocated to India after spending 10 years in US. I have 2 little kids and have been wanting to introduce them to Indian heritage,culture & moral values. Please let me know where you conduct your Sanskar Varg classes. I would like to bring my children to your class.


    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Akansha for your kind words, appreciate it.
      Currently I am conducting SanskarVarg in Bangalore only but I am optimistic that soon it will have branches in Mumbai too 🙂
      If there is anything I can help you with then please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Kamlesh says:

    Hi Aparna,
    This is Kamlesh from Bangalore. This is a very nice initiative, I appreciate your commitment and effort in inculcating values in upcoming generation. My wife Bhavna and self are also engaged in few volunteering activities. Just wanted to check a possibility ion volunteer for Sanskarvarg. Also we want to start similar activity in our apartment (Near Silk board) can you guide & help us.

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Thank you Kamlesh for your kind words and your interest in starting a similar class in your community. I will be very happy to help you in this noble cause. I will surely contact you shortly.
      Thank you

    • sanskarvarg says:

      Hello Kamlesh i have sent you an email last week on your email id, hope you got it.

      • Kamlesh says:

        Hi Aparna,
        I am sorry but I havn’t got any mail. Could you please send it again kvyas9 (at) yahoo.com or kvyas9 (at) gmail.com.

  5. Kaveri says:

    I m staying in blore…can I get ur address pls

  6. Ritu rathod says:

    Hi, Aparna mam, u r work is incredible, very nice, i have my own day care and activity center, and I want to start sanskar varg in my center . So plz share with me u r details how I can contact you. U r guidelines will be very helpful for me to start class.

  7. Trupti says:

    Hi Aparna
    I m very much interested to start Sanskar varg for kids in my Society… Can u pls help me what should be syllabus for such class…if u have material for this can u pls send it to me…else give me ur book name I will purchase it from bookstore.

    Pls revert back.


  8. Suvhita says:

    Hi aparna
    Like many others I also want to start sanskar varga. I got gud help from your blog. Please guide me on day by day activities how to plan time for particular subject.
    I m really interested to start.

  9. Manjiri says:

    How to contact you

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