Cracker Free Diwali – Students Thoughts – Please read

Every year before the festival of lights “Diwali” we discuss about Diwali celebration, different celebration styles , mouthwatering delicacies & most importantly about the use of crackers,  in my classes. While discussing this I always encourage all my students to celebrate Cracker free Diwali and go eco-friendly. Sometimes its hard for kids and adults too, to say No to firecrackers completely so I request them to do this transition gradually  by setting a limited budget and  then buying only noise free crackers for Diwali and celebrating in a group and then go for the cracker free Diwali the following year. Believe me it works & quite a few students & their parents followed this in the past.

This year I have asked my senior class students to write their thoughts about Cracker free Diwali. Although only three students shared their thoughts 🙂 and I am proud to post their articles here in their own words… Please go through the writings and encourage them by sharing your views or comments so that more kids will get interested and opt for Cracker free Diwali.


By – Amodi Kulkarni , 10 yrs 

Once there were three friends playing outside their home. Their names were Anand, Rajesh and Priya. They were very excited because Diwali was the next day! Anand said, “I just can’t believe Diwali is tomorrow! I can’t wait to burst crackers”.

Rajesh said, “Yes, my parents and I are buying many, many crackers from the store”.

“No no, we should not burst crackers”, said Priya. “It will cause pollution”.

“Who cares? It’s just for the fun of it!” said Anand.

The next day, the three children burst a lot of crackers. They had a lot of fun, but by the end of the evening, they also started coughing a lot and their eyes started burning from the smoke.

“See, I told you”, Priya said, “bursting crackers will cause sickness”.

Anand said, “Yes, but we can’t undo what we did already.”

Many years later when they were older, the air was filled with smoke. The air was so dirty, it was not at all fresh. People couldn’t walk outside their homes without a mask to filter the air they breathed. Children could no longer play outside. One day, the three friends met again.

Anand said, “Just look at the atmosphere!”

Priya said, “Remember the time I told you that we should not burst crackers? We just had the temporary joy of bursting crackers, but didn’t know the permanent change it would cause”

Rajesh said, “What can we do to fix it?”

Priya said, “We can all stop bursting crackers”   THE END


By – Aryan Dixit, 10yrs

A Peek into our future (The bad side in 30-40 years )

In 30-40 years if we keep polluting our environment and keep bursting crackers, what do you think will happen? For you, dear readers, I will tell. This applies if and only if we continue our usual bad ways, habits to pollute our environment and Firecrackers are one of them . Fireworks are made of saltpetre, sulphur, charcoal and many other chemicals. In 30-40 years as I see the polluted air, water, less trees etc will cause major harm to the mother nature. In that case what i see is,  we will have oxygen tanks with mouthpieces and cylinders. If Amazon, Flipkart, and other such companies are still in business, oxygen tanks will be a hit. Striped cylinders to go with your dress, cell phone etc. The tank will be wirelessly connected to your watch. If you swipe at the watch, it will show you the oxygen level in your tank. If you have low oxygen, then you will go to a oxygen pump and refill it. Although chances of dying are high if you don’t monitor your oxygen levels or keep a backup. Sometimes you can even die because of no oxygen.

With our usual bad habits to pollute our surrounding and especially during different festivals like Diwali , Ganesh Puja etc Water will be very dirty then we will have to bathe in diluted mercury, which is very refined. In future, I can imagine an advertisement – ‘Get our Mercius shower!! Ultra-diluted for you! Your pipe’s normal mercury Ultra-diluted!! Prices from Rupees 10 to 100 lakhs!!’ Or possibly chlorine – ‘Get Chlory’s shower!! Our bathe skin suit absolutely free with shower! It will cleanse you till your shiny clean! It can make a robot pig clean. Conditions apply.’

Animals would have been butchered, killed by eating plastic, killed by eating cracker remains, killed by dirty water etc. Due to that there will be robots for everything. Robo fish in water, Robots in wild etc.

There will be hardly any trees due to pollution and cutting of trees. We will have tree mechanisms. In other words man-made living trees. Probably Tree mix men will be a new specie to save them from dying. Toy trees mixed with humans.

If you are a game with this then continue bursting crackers and pollute the environment. But if you aren’t, then :

  • Have a cracker-free Diwali
  • Convince people not to cut trees and save paper
  • Do not pollute or waste water
  • Do not pollute the environment in any way

I hope you will not burst crackers now, unless you are in with the future.

Happy  eco-friendly Diwali !!!


By – Omkar Bajaj, 10yrs

Why not to burst fire crackers?

Ø  It can make a person deaf due to the noise pollution.
Ø  It can make a person blind due to accidents while bursting crackers.
Ø  It can burn a person’s hand due to carelessness.
Ø  It can scare small kids and animals.
Ø  It can infect our lungs due to air pollution.

There has been many accidents all over due to fire crackers.

My maternal grandmother’s neighbour is an eye doctor and he is very busy due to accidents because of carelessness while using crackers. There was a kid who went blind because of carelessness while using fire crackers. Many kids hands got burnt and there have been innumerable accidents like this.

Have a safe Diwali, Have a green Diwali.


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One Response to Cracker Free Diwali – Students Thoughts – Please read

  1. sanskarvarg says:

    Very thoughtful … Enjoy Pollution Free Diwali!!!

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