My Non-Profit-Organization – “ Tejomay – Illuminates Life “

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce my Non-Profit Organization, Tejomay Charitable Trust

I have been running non-profit classes for kids and underprivileged women for the past seven years. Many people have shown great interest and have come forward to help in this social cause. Setting up this NGO helps in reaching out to a wider audience and achieve Tejomay’s Vision-

  • To equip all the Children with Values and LifeSkills that enable them to effectively deal with demands and challenges of everyday life.
  • To provide knowledge, skills and resources to women from the low income communities to become self-reliant and lead a successful life.

Please visit our website at

You could support us by –

  • Volunteering your time for this social cause
  • Starting similar programmes in your neighbourhood with Tejomay’s help
  • Donating to our Trust to support Tejomay’s programmes
  • Spreading awareness about Tejomay in your social circle.

We are new and surely need your help & support to achieve our vision. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Aparna Dixit


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