Activities : Sept and Oct -2014

Students had a great time celebrating different festivals in the months of September and October. All the students enthusiastically participated and recited bhajans, songs, shlokas  at the Ganesha festival ‘Musical Evening’ organized by the community. It was pretty colourful and musical event and we all had lot of fun.

Later in the class activity all the students made play dough Ganesha idols and Krishna-janmashtami ‘Gopalkala’. Everyone got one one ingredient and together they made Gopalkala(Krishna Janmashtami offering). After seeing the number of unfamiliar ingredients and mixing them like a salad most of them were reluctant to eat Gopalkala. When I explained them the story behind it and its importance and asked them to try little bit (considering they were not allergic to any of the ingredients) To my surprise almost all of them asked for the second-third serving and even took some for their parents, siblings too 🙂 This reassured my belief that as parents sometimes we have to explain(force a bit) to our kids, guide them and then allow them to make their own decisions. Overall we all enjoyed a lot and had a great time.

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