Activities – Sept-2014

  Respect –  Dare to Care, Share and be Fair

  1. Treating others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Use Good manners and language.
  3. Accepting others for who they are.
  4. Stand up for yourself.
  5. Think and act in a positive way about yourself and others.

In the month of Aug-Sept-2014 students participated in the different activities. In the class, Students are learning about the value Respect and we have decided to do the related project. I have asked students to use their creativity & knowledge to complete this project and needless to say they all enthusiastically participated and below are the shots of their finished projects. Excellent job kids!!!


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2 Responses to Activities – Sept-2014

  1. sathyasree says:

    Thanks a ton Aparna.
    I see both children enjoying your classes and sharing them with us Parents and Grandparents,when they come home…
    Great Valued taught by U,which i don’t think we as parents alone can reinforce….no words to Thank You…..keep going…May God Bless You.

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