Repetition is important !!!

“Not again please, Repetition is boring!!! concluded most of my class students when asked about not following their class-responsibility chart every day.
“Oooh, doing the same thing again and again everyday, its very dull,… we could do something different, new..” another innocent point by students 🙂 Initially it all started as a discussion but later when I explained students about repetition the same discussion turned into a debate. It’s always a pleasure to know kids views on such topics.

I understand if someone tells us the same story-incidence or asks us to do the same task again and again, we can’t enjoy it rather  it creates a dull routine & we try to find excuses to avoid it. But what if we are trying to teach our kids something good, new, in that case, is repetition Good or Bad?

I believe, repetition creates habits-either good or bad. Repetition makes the tasks more familiar and this familiarity leads to understanding. Repetition of things has a clear effect on children if used with judgement and well set goals.

The reason for giving the responsibility chart to all the class students is to make them form a good habit and in my opinion to do this, all we need is to repeat the same activity over and over.  If we are repeating instructions, family rules, behaviour, the more we repeat and give emphasis to, the more kids understand and follow. Habits are best formed if some goals are set and rewards are given. Repetition can be extremely helpful for children if used on a daily basis.  We can develop good habits or teach new skills to our children, if we make it a routine, for example, learning dance and music, reading, swimming, healthy eating etc. As the child grows it might need less repetitions.

In short, Repetition is the basics of learning and development and it can be a powerful way to master any skill.

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2 Responses to Repetition is important !!!

  1. Sathyasree says:

    Very True Aparna,REPETITION is the key to MASTER any habit or skill😊( loved it!,even i am trying to repeat few new life style changes) Cheers, Sathya

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