Activities – July 2014

Over the years I have observed one thing that, when kids find any activity interesting-fun filled, they show lot of enthusiasm in it and they do it wholeheartedly, get better at it and feel accomplished. So whenever I announce the monthly activity kids get very excited and they look forward to it. Most of the times kids select the monthly activities.

In the month of July, we had a theme based activity, colouring and drawing. Along with the activity we all had planned a farewell for one of the sweetest students & volunteers ‘Amritha’. Amritha a sincere, enthusiastic and a soft spoken girl who has attended my classes for more than four years and whom we admired a lot was relocating to USA. On that day, everyone was curious to know about her feelings on relocation and like a big-responsible girl, she confidently shared her feelings & kids carefully listened to her. Together they all made a goodbye card for her and wished her luck. It was an emotional and enjoyable experience for all of us.

Here are some of the best shots… Enjoy!!!

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