SasnkarVarg-Annual celebration

SanskarVarg’s annual event was celebrated on March 1st-2014, an event to provide class students an opportunity to showcase their talents and what they have learned in the class. There were different competitions like Rangoli, Chanting & Speech. Children also performed on the value “Uniqueness” and the performance was directed and choreographed by two senior students Amritha and Sanajna, all of them did an excellent job.  Great efforts kids. All  the parents, grandparents  & friends attended the celebration and children enthusiastically participated and enjoyed every bit of it. Although we missed few students who couldn’t attend the celebration. Special thanks to all the respected judges for their valuable time & efforts and to all the parents for their co-operation and support .

Winners of the chanting competition (Junior batch)
1st winner: Vishnu
2nd winner: Vijeeth
Winners of the Rangoli competition (<9yrs)
1st winner: Medha
2nd winner: Vikashini
Winner of the Chanting competition (Intermediate batch)
1st winner: Srinidhi
Winner of the Rangoli competition (Intermediate batch)
1st winner: Madhulika
Winners for the Speech competition (<9yrs)
(Are video/computer games good for kids?)
1st winner: Aryan
2nd winner: Aditi

Here are some snapshots from the event, Please Enjoy!!!

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