Rangoli: Beautiful Indian art

We all know Diwali, firecrackers & Rangoli  are synonyms. Diwali hardly seem complete without beautiful rangoli and the glorious sizzle and boom of firecrackers.

What is Rangoli??


Rangoli is a colourful Indian traditional art. It is a creative expression of art through colours. Rangoli is usually drawn in the early morning before sunrise by the lady of the house. It is usually drawn near the entrance of the house to welcome everyone including gods, guests etc. Beautifully drawn Rangoli brings joy & happiness to everyone’s face before entering into the house. In short it is a way of getting positive energy into the house .  In olden days, cow dung was also used to clean the floor near the entrance as cow dung is believed to have an antiseptic properties. So that it can protect the house from small insects, bugs etc. So thoughtful… Rangoli can be drawn by fine sand, rice, turmeric, natural colours etc. It can also be done with different grains, lentils, flowers too. We can even draw Rangoli on water too.

DSC08447 (2)

Rangoli is not only a wonderful traditional art but it gives us a great message also. Rangoli is a complex yet beautiful combination of different colors, patterns & symbols. Every color, pattern compliments each others presence and make a beautiful design altogether at the end. Similarly God made every person for a special purpose. He made everyone unique, different  so if we respect each other’s uniqueness, appreciate each other and live together in a peace then we could create a loving family which in turn creates a wonderful society then a great nation and finally a beautiful world to live in. Such an important message through small traditions.  Rangoli  is indeed one of the beautiful forms of the art in the world & it would be nice if we could preserve this art…


All the rangoli designs made by Aparna

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2 Responses to Rangoli: Beautiful Indian art

  1. Beautiful Rangoli Aparna!!

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