Dashera activities

My mom has been conducting Sanskar-Varg since last 15+years in my hometown  for free.
Her students are usually from the daily wagers, street vendors, auto drivers, uneducated & below poverty line and low income families.
There are some 15 -20 kids in her class. Mom teaches them everything starting from health-hygiene, behaviour to sanskrit shlokas  & science. In fact it’s a rule of her class that everyone should be presentable in the class with whatever available and kids happily follow that. Although Mom has a tough task other  than teaching kids  and that is to keep all of them motivated to study and not to discontinue education at any point because of personal or financial problems. So she frequently arranges Reading/handwriting competitions to encourage them to read/write and improve their skills, chanting competitions to make them confident and social, Rangoli competitions to encourage their creativity, essay competitions etc. She even arranges Radio shows for these  kids to showcase their talent.  Every time I visit mom I make sure I along with my kids attend couple of classes and conduct some activity. These little kids always surprise me by singing long, difficult Sanskrit stotras like Ramraksha-atharvashirsha, ‘Gita-adhyay’ (Gita-chapters) shlokas from Upnishadas etc…. just wonderful!!!

Every time I visit my mom I conduct competitions with great prizes and snacks, just to encourage kids. This time when I went during Dashera holidays, I had conducted two competitions, one was story telling and the topic was “Satya mev Jayate” (truth always triumphs) and the another was drawing competition. Even though quite a few kids were absent  because of Dashera holidays but others participated wholeheartedly in the competitions and gave awesome performance. In spite of no or minimal coaching, support and guidance these kids always amaze me with their talent, creativity and enthusiasm. Thanks to my Mom for educating-encouraging and empowering them. Truly inspirational!!!

Here are some of the best drawings ::

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