Magnificent Karnataka

Welcome to Karnataka, home to the great history & heritage.
Come, lets explore the wonders of this beautiful state Karnataka.



-Karnataka is a state in South west India.
-It was initially known as “The State of Mysore” later it was renamed as “Karnataka”.
-Karnataka state was formed on 1st Nov 1973
-Bangalore is the state capital of Karnataka
-It is the eighth largest state by the area and the ninth largest state by population.
-Karnataka share the border with different states like Goa, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhraprasdesh and Arabian sea in the west.
-Kannada is the most widely spoken language in the state
-Karnataka is one of the leading states in the field of industrial development both in the private and public sectors.
-People of Karnataka are known for their hospitality and cultured attitude.
-Saree is the traditional attire of women & dhoti or paanche is the traditional attire for men in Karnataka.
-People of Karnataka celebrate different festivals like Dussera, Ganesh puja, MakarSankranti, Ugadi etc
-Karnataka food is very rich in variety. Authentic karnataka recipes like Kosimbiri, Akki roti, Curd rice, Kesaribhat etc are very popular.
-Karnataka has a very diverse and rich cultural legacy. The state is known for its Carnatic music throuout the world.
-Karnataka is a tourist’s delight. It has number of spots like heritage temples, beautiful hill ranges, attractive villages, waterfalls, modern cities etc.
-Karnataka weather is dynamic, it changes from place to place because of the altitude and the distance from the sea. State capital Bangalore in particular has a pleasant climate throughout the year.
– The state of Karnataka has seven important rivers flowing through the region, Godavari, Krishna, Cauveri,North pennar ,South Pennar, Palar & West flowing rivers.
-Karnataka and Bangalore in particular is a great landing place for many foreigners coming to India.

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