Potluck-Party : Sanskarvarg Jr Batch

Summer is almost here and our Sanskar varg session is also about to end in few weeks. Before the holidays we had planned a potluck party for all the little students on Wednesday. 

Our theme was:  “No fire No fumes” stove free Home made recipes.

In my opinion, getting little kids involved in cooking teach them many important skills like, bonding, understanding the efforts needed, reading the recipe, understanding  the measurements, creativity, teamwork, vocabulary building by knowing different ingredient names and the most important safety and the responsibility.

From Aparna Auntie’s kitchen kids made chocolate cupcakes.

Amritha, Ananya and Sanjana helped me throughout the party, great job girls.

Needless to say, kids love to dance, sing, chat, enjoy and eat good food. Like every year, this year too they performed and thoroughly enjoyed the gathering. Although we missed few kids on that day who couldn’t attend the party.  They all had a great time baking Cupcakes and eating different delicacies.
We got a great array of delicious recipes like, Fruit Salad, Sandwiches, Bhel, Crispy baby corn fry, pasta salad,Lentil kosambari,Banana milkshake,paneer kababs, veg pakoda, coconut laddoos and Chocolate cupcakes…..Yummy…

Here are some of the best shots………..

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One Response to Potluck-Party : Sanskarvarg Jr Batch

  1. Raju Vusirikala says:

    Nice job kids & teacher for a wonderful potluck!!

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