Potluck-Party : SanskarVarg Sr Batch

Kids love parties and get-togethers and when it’s a potluck party they get even more excited with the thought that they could make something on their own. Keeping their interest in cooking, I  had planned a potluck party on Monday for the class students before their final exams and summer holidays.

Our theme was : “Power of Fruits & Veggies”.

Children age 9-12 yrs, are old enough to make simple, easy recipes on their own with adult supervision. In my opinion, getting kids in the kitchen is a great way to spend time with kids and strengthen that special bond. Needless to say cooking with kids is an amazing adventure.
Almost all the students attended the gathering except few whom we missed dearly.
Kids were very excited and came up with creative & mouth-watering recipes.

Kids love to dance, sing, chat, enjoy and eat good food. Like every year, this year too they performed and thoroughly enjoyed the gathering. They all had a great time baking Apple Pie from Aparna Auntie’s kitchen.
We got a great array of delicious recipes like, Potato wedges, chocolate dipped strawberries  grilled veggie sandwiches, papadi chat, fruit platter, Garbanzo-bean salad, pasta salad,veggie platter, watermelon juice, fruit milkshake, fruit punch, Apple Pie… yummy yummy yummy……

Here are some of the best shots………..

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