Happy New Year!!!

New years day falls on the January 1, first day of the year. It is internationally accepted as beginning of the year. Although many parts of the world have their separate New Year at different times of the year. New year is one of those few events that are celebrated by people all over the world. It marks the beginning of the new year and the end of an old year. In many countries there are large celebrations which may feature concerts, late
night partying, sporting events, fireworks etc. The celebrations generally go on past midnight into January 1. New Year celebration has social, cultural and religious importance in many countries.
On the world map, Samoa and Kiribati islands are the first ones to welcome New Year whereas Honolulu, Hawaii are among the last places to welcome the new year.

New year is celebrated with a lot of energy and enthusiasm in many parts of India specially in  the major cities. Events like live musical or dance concerts by big Bollywood celebrities are organized & large crowds gather to attend such shows. New year’s day is a restricted holiday in India but many companies and schools are closed on this day. People greet and wish each other Happy New Year. Family & friends get together & have a party to celebrate the new year.Those who wish to stay indoors on this day, enjoy different special New Year programs on Television.

New Years eve is a major social holiday in the Unites States. Many people host parties or attend social gatherings. Many cities organize large scale public events too. In United States the most iconic New Years tradition is the giant ball drop in the Times Square, Manhattan, New-York city, at the stoke of midnight. The ball is made of crystal and electric lights and is placed on top of a pole, which is 77 feet, or 23 meters, high. At one
minute before midnight on December 31, the ball is lowered slowly down the pole. It comes to rest at the bottom of the pole at exactly midnight. The event has been held every year since 1907, except during World War II.

The tradition of making new year resolutions on the new years eve is an age old custom in many countries. A New Year’s resolution is a promise or a commitment that an individual makes on the New years eve. Although in my opinion we don’t need a New year to make any resolution as such, all we need is today. But New year offers a fresh start like a clean slate. It gives people time and date to start and that’s why people make
resolutions on new year. Keeping the importance of New year in mind, kids can also make resolutions. New year resolution for kids is just about teaching the basics of being more organized, punctual and disciplined in life. We, parents should help & encourage our kids to think about one or two goals that would help them fulfill their responsibilities, here are few such goals:
1. Wash hands before eating
2. Do homework on time
3. Cleanup the room
4. Eat at least one fruit and salad everyday.
5. Play any outdoor activity or sports, at least three times a week
6. Drink milk and water everyday.
7. Show respect to parents, teachers & elders.
8. Brush teeth twice a day.
9. Read for at least twenty minutes everyday.
10. Spend less time on watching Television.

We parents can also come up with some parenting resolutions to help raise our kids in a more effective way. Below are few such resolutions:
1. Teach kids healthy habits
2. Reward kids for good behavior
3. Teach kids responsibility
4. Encourage kids to participate in outdoor activities
5. Get involved in kids school & extra activities

New Year is a time to rejoice & have fun, a time to break old habits & make new resolutions, a time to gear up for new challenges, a time to realize new dreams & try to fulfill them, a time for new beginnings….New Year is also a time to think of others, to help others, to reach out and support those in need or less fortunate.
Here’s wishing you a great new start. May each new day brings for you…. happiness, prosperity, good health & continued success…
Happy New Year 2013!!!

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