Garbage management problem in Bangalore was making headlines a week ago.
Number of things have been said and written on the same but as we all know there
is no quick fix in sight to this garbage problem. Although, Government  has
mentioned that it will need few more months (how many?) to solve this problem.
Let’s hope, Government makes it a high priority issue & resolves it quickly
as promised.

Meanwhile we  Bangaloreans can do our bit and also help the Government, to make our city clean and Green by doing small and simple  changes in our life style and creating awareness among little young Bangaloreans.
          We parents know the importance of Clean and Green environment and we care for our Mother Nature but if we don’t teach our kids to care for our surroundings, then unfortunately, the eco-future won’t be very bright for them.
So if we parents adopt environmentally responsible practices in our homes, we can educate our children about how to protect the environment and take care of it.

Here are some ways by which the garbage load on the land can be reduced:
The three  R’s of the Environment:
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, three great ways by which we can eliminate waste and protect our environment.

1. Buy products you really need and going to use because it eventually turns into trash.
2. Water and Food are the champions of waste. Try to explain it to kids frequently and put efforts on reduce-reuse and recycle both.
3. Say ‘No’ to plastic bags at the store and carry items in a reusable bag.
4. Buy local and eat local produce.
5. Try to buy good quality and  durable products only, which will last for years & which in turn reduce the waste
6. Repair the products if broken instead of buying new one immediately.
7. Buy Reusable products than disposable ones which will result in less waste.
8. Donate your old and large items to the charity or organizations which takes care of such items.
9.. Carry reusable water bottle everywhere you go rather than buying a new disposable one every time
10. Buy cleaning products with refill packs
11. Make compost from the kitchen waste
12. Carefully segregate the waste generated at homes.
13. Don’t just throw everything in the trash. Lots of things can be remade into the same kind of things (cans ,bottles etc) Most of the times only a smaller portion of the garbage is a real waste that has to be discarded.
14. Buy products with less packaging.
15. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

Things to remember:
1. Dont throw trash out of the house, be a caring neighbour
2. Don’t throw trash on the streets/parks/anywhere always use Trashcan
3. Don’t spit on the walls, streets always use Restrooms or Trashcan
4. Don’t use Streets/parks as restrooms
5. Be a good and responsible citizen

Here is a list of things you may be able to recycle. Try to segregate following items on a monthly basis.
1. Newspaper
2. Plastic bags
3. Plastic bottles
4. Glass jars
5. Aluminum cans
6. Magazines
7. Metal
8. Cardboard
9. Electronic items
10. Old school books/notebooks
11. Pens, crayons, pencils, school bags
12. Food and Water

With these small changes kids will begin to understand the importance of Reduce-Reuse and Recycle.  Parents, please help your children learn  lifelong lessons about environmental responsibility and give them a chance to show that they can do something special and noteworthy to protect their environment.

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