Drawing Competition sponsored by SanskarVarg : Part-1

On behalf of SanskarVarg, I have organized a Drawing Competition.
All the children between the ages of 3 and 13yrs participated in the competition.
There were two groups: Junior Group (8yrs & under) and Senior Group (8+ to 13yrs).
Two themes were given per group.
Junior Group :  1. Save water                   2. Indian Festivals
Senior Group : 1. Save Water, Save Life 2. India through my eyes.

Almost fifty(50) kids participated in the competition.

Judges had a challenging task to decide among all the wonderful entries but our judges from different fields accepted the challenge and successfully completed it.
Here is the list of our honourable judges:
1. Sarabjeet Panesar
2. Aruna Merchant
3. Anuradha Jain
4. Bhanu Macharla
5. Manisha Parmar

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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