Kalpavruksha Coconut

           Coconut plays an important role in the Indian festivals. Coconut, Mango, Bael(Bilva)  these  trees are called “Kalpavruksha” or “KalpaTaru“. Kalpa in Sanskrit  means “Kalpana-Imagination” & Vruksha/Taru means “Tree”.  So KalpaVruksha means a tree which could fulfill all your imagination, desires etc, a wishing tree.

Coconut Tree

                   All the tree parts of coconut tree like roots, leaves, fruits, branches etc are useful. We get food-shelter, livelihood from it. In short, every inch of the coconut plant
is very useful to humans.  We get Coconut water, milk, oil, cosmetics, medicines, decorative items, rope, brooms, timber, fuel, paper, disposable plates, cups  etc etc… from the Coconut tree.

Decorative item made by Coconut rope

                   Coconut has a significant place in all the Indian festivals & rituals. Coconut  is considered as a complete fruit (all parts of coconut as a fruit are also very useful)
Anything offered to God should be complete (Purna) & the best that’s why we use coconut in almost every ritual.  It is also called as “Shriphal“. Shri means God and phal means fruit, God’s fruit. It is considered as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

                 In Indian culture we honor elderly people by giving coconut and there is a reason behind it.
– Coconut tree gives “Niswarthi-seva” means selfless service, helping/providing everything to  others without expecting anything in return.  Similarly the person whom we are offering coconut, we consider that, the person is-was capable of taking good care of his family, friends  or someone in need, which is a selfless service.
– Coconut can be used as raw-with water inside which signifies the luxurious life and when it is ripen or dry which signifies the hard life, Similarly the person whom we are honoring with coconut, we consider that, the person has lived/living a good-comfortable life at the same time a person  has seen many ups and downs in the life.
– Coconut is very hard from outside which shows the person might have faced many challenges/risks in his life but still managed to survive and protect his near-dear ones in any situation, like the soft coconut inside.

If you have noticed Coconut can grow on the salty water, on beaches, but gives very sweet nectar like juice to everyone…
In short,  “Burai ke badle acchai” means ” irrespective of all the bad things others have done I will only do good things in return” Such a great message..

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    a good one

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    beautifully said…thanks

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    good message

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    fine narrated

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