The father of Algebra : Bhaskaracharya

Bhaskaracharya was born in Vijayapura in 1114 AD.  His father Mahesvara was an astrologer, he taught Bhaskaracharya mathematics and astrology. After finishing his education he became the head of the astrological  university in Ujjain. 

The biggest failure of his life was his daughter Lilavati’s  marriage… she became widow soon after  her marriage at an early age… With astrology  he knew her fate in advance…. He even  tried to find a suitable date/time using his astrological knowledge &  skill for her marriage but  he couldn’t change her destiny. 
                  Later he decided to  help his young daughter ‘Lilavati’ to stand on her own feet. He taught her mathematics and while teaching her new techniques, methods  he wrote a book  in her name  “Lilavati”.

Then he wrote different books on Algebra, calculus, trigonometry, astrology etc. He even suggested simple methods to find squares, cubes, & square roots.  People now know that it was him who gave the correct value of PI as 3.14.  He explained about the force of gravity in his books. 

People started calling him ‘Acharya’-The teacher, hence Bhaskaracharya.

Here is a simple problem from Lilavati, give it a try…. If you like this math-problem pl let me know & I will share some more math problems with you. Let everyone try it,  so don’t disclose the answer, instead you can send me your answer.

Find  the number, N
When N is divided by 5 the remainder is 4
When N is divided by 4, the remainder is 3
When N is divided by 3, the remainder is 2
When N is divided by 2, the remainder is 1

All the Best!!!

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  1. SA says:

    Great info and interesting math problem.

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