VaraLakshmi or Varadalakshmi  or VarMahalakshmi vratam is a festival  celebrated in many states of India. It is an important pooja performed mostly by married women but men can also perform the same.  VaraLashmi vratam is celebrated on the second Friday of the Hindu month Sravan, or the Friday before the full moon, which usually comes in July-Aug.

Courtesy of Bhanu Macharla

MahaLaskmi is a goddess of Wealth, Prosperity & Health. Vara means boon, vratam means pooja or performance of any ritual as per the scriptures or a vow to follow the ritual. Varamahalakshmi is a festival to worship Goddess Mahalakshmi to fulfill one’s desires. It is also performed  for the well-being, prosperity & the good health of the family. Although, this festival differs from place to place.

On this day women clean & decorate their homes with flowers, Rangolies, mango leaves etc. They make all the arrangements needed for the pooja, like Kalasha(pot) filled with rice or water,  then coconut is placed on the top of the kalasha & decorated with jewels, flowers, sarees etc, The decorated Kalasha is then placed on a plate full of rice, then the actual pooja begins. Different delicacies are offered to Goddess.

Courtesy of Bhanu Macharla

                In the evening married women & girls are invited for the haldikumkum, considering them as a form of Goddess Lakshmi.  The next day, that is on Saturday, the kalasha is dismantled and the water in the kalasha is sprinkled in the house.

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