Nagpanchami is a very important Indian festival. It is celebrated on the fifth day of the Hindu month ‘Shravan’. Nagpanchami is celebrated all over India, although celebration differs from place to place.
On this day people worship snakes , snake idols or offer prayers near the anthills.
People also offer prayers to Lord Shiva too as snakes are considered dear to him.
In some places people make images of snakes using cow dung, clay, Haldi-kumkum on the entrance of the house  to welcome snake god.  Devotees offer milk, sweets, rice etc to snakes. In short snakes are worshiped with great devotion on this day to protect mankind from any harm.

Different stories are associated with Nagpanchami & one of them is “Kalia Mardan”.
The victory of Lord Krishna over the Dangerous snake Kalia.

Our culture regard all living creatures like animals, birds, fishes etc as scared.
Through different traditions, festivals our culture tries  to send a message that every creature is important & plays a vital role in the  environmental/natural  balance.
Snakes are called as “Farmers Friend” because they eat a large number of rodents(rats, squirrels etc) which would otherwise eat the farmers grain.   Hence its our responsibility, duty to respect & protect these creatures & ultimately our mother nature.

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