The father of Mathematics : Aryabhata

I am Aryabhata. I was born in Kusumapur Bihar. After finishing my education I did my research in Pataliputra. I was always interested in Astronomy .

You will be happy to know that I am the one who invented “Shunya” zero. “ zero” invention led me to the number of different findings.

I was so fascinated by the solar system that I found out that earth revolves round the sun. Planets shines because of sunlight and eclipse can happen. Based on my findings I wrote a book “Aryabhatiya”. I opened an educational institute in Pataliputra.

The astronomical calendars created by me are still used as a reference for Panchangam (Almanac)

Hence people started referring me as the father of mathematics.

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  1. Sanjana says:

    Thank you, I liked it

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