Introduction to LifeSkills & Values

“We don’t expect children to discover the principles of calculus on their own but some would give them no guidance when it comes to ethics, morality & values.” Ronald Regan

We all know that, our children’s Future, Happiness, Prosperity depends
very much on what & how, they learn  during their developing years.
Our children spend the majority of their day in the school or tuitions learning
academics. But in addition to academics our children must have the knowledge
of Life skills & Values.

There is a difference between Life skills & Values. Life skills includes social skills, health & hygiene, relationships, handling emotions, organization, money matters, in short day to day skills to become a confident, independent, presentable adult.

Where as Values means a belief which is important to you as a person or as  a family or accepted by a culture/society/nation. But there are certain values which are not political, religious or culturally biased but they are universal like Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Caring, Friendship etc.

Even with this difference, LifeSkills & Values go hand in hand in fact they are interlinked. For example social skills like saying Thank you, please, sorry etc go hand in hand with the value- Respect or anger management goes hand in hand with the value-Patience.

In short, good combination of Lifeskills, Values & Education makes a Character which shows unique  personal qualities. Needless to say, our children’s happiness & prosperity depends on those qualities.

Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Aai.baba says:

    Well said aparna

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