Namaskar or Namaste is the most popular form of greeting in India.


In Sanskrit, Namas means – salutation-bow. Kar means hands
Te means – to you. “I bow to you” I bow to all good, positive qualities in you.
I bow to you with my hands folded.
In simple words, Namaskar or Namaste is a way of showing respect to each other.

Namaskar posture : Two hands pressed together and held near heart with the head gently bowed. Namaskar is a combination of Mantra(spoken) and Mudra(posture). Sometimes the mantra part is omitted & only mudra(posture) is used.

As per Indian custom, we consider ‘Right hand’ as higher in nature or stronger because whatever donation ‘Daan” or help we provide we usually do it with the right hand & helping others is the greatest virtue that’s why we consider Right hand as a stronger or higher in nature. Whereas ‘Left hand’ is considered as lower in nature or weaker as we don’t do these mentioned tasks with the left hand. So two hands held in union shows the ‘Oneness’. Bringing together at one level, higher and lower, no difference, shows everyone is equal.

There are different types of Namaskar
Touching elder’s feet : To show them respect & to get their blessings.
Sashtang Namaskar : Salute with eight limbs pose, it is usually done to worship God.

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