What is EcoLife?

Eco Life means lead a life which is environmentally friendly, in short not harmful to the environment or planet Earth.
It means do activities which will keep the balance of the Ecosystem.
Ecosystem includes forests, deserts, grasslands, rivers etc.
When we as humans, disturb or remove part of that ecosystem its
balance gets affected which in turn affects the functions of the
ecosystem. Which puts our planet Earth in danger.
So, it is very important for us to maintain the balance of the Ecosystem and protect our planet.

How to achieve?
It’s easy to protect our dear planet Earth!
You can achieve this by making small changes in your lifestyle.
1. Turn off the lights
2. Save water while brushing teeth, showering
3. Walk, carpool or take the school bus
4. Ease up on TV, computer, video games & save energy. Play more outdoor games.
5. Make food from scratch
6. Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins
7. Buy only what you need
8. Cut down on waste
9. Recycle & Reuse
10. Stop pollution

What are you waiting for… Start it Today…

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One Response to What is EcoLife?

  1. Aai.baba says:

    We surely need to teach this to kids, good work

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