Rainbow Magic & The Holi Colours.

 Once upon a time the rainbow colours started fighting on the question,”Who is the best out of all The colours?”.
The blue argued saying ,”I am in the colour in peacocks and blue birds…So I am the best.
White would fight back saying,”Oh that’s nothing…..”I’m the Colour of ‘Peace’. No one shall beat me.” The argument went on and on among the colours till they heard a loud noise.
They stood still… not knowing what to say or do. they began sweating out of fear.
The fear was so much that they began melting and started pourig down as coloured rain on earth.
The rainbow colours enjoyed the rain so much that they decided to pour down on the people of earth every year to make them happy and cheerful. They understood that the happiness can be felt & spread only if they stand together as a group. So they ended their fight and stayed as friends.
Hey…. this is how holi started.

– Sanjana Dixit (Grade-3)
(Published in the school magazine for the year 2010-11)

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