Celebrating Festivals – Fun and Learn

Tejomay’s lifeskills program for children “SanskarVarg” organised number of small activities in the months of, Sept/Oct. Hands on experiences are an important part of skill building. We need to be in the environment to really know the nature of the work, efforts/time put, skills required etc… and then we can make a decision whether we are interested in  it or can follow it .

On 5th Sept – Ganesh Chaturthi festival…senior batch students (those present) got  hands on experience about the celebration. It was a six hours session from 6:30 am to 12:30pm. It wasn’t a religious session instead we made students understand the reasons behind the celebration, different  traditions/customs and encouraged them to make their own decision/choice to follow such customs or not.  They had learned number of life skills & values through this experience like  patience, efforts/time needed, creativity, team building, dignity of labour , respect  etc. Some of our students wrote down their experiences , please go through their  write ups  and encourage them.

By Kriti – 5th Grade

The day Aparna aunty told me about the plan about meeting at 6:30 am on 5th September and collect flowers and Durva , make modakas and chant ganesh atharvashirsha 21 times I was over the moon! Days past as I was waiting for 5th September.  On 4th September night ,I set my clothes and got everything ready for the big day. Finally the day had come , at sharp 7:00 am , I wore my clothes and rushed down  , there was chilly breeze and then I saw my friends collecting several , beautiful flowers. After collecting many flowers we went to an open area with the wet ,green grass . But , there wasn’t only grass , there was Durva too. Durva is a type of a plant that has 3 blades. We made dozen of bunches of Durva . Then we went to aunty’s house and made , guess what we made? We made GARLANDS! That to by ourselves! I made a pretty garland. The boys made the Rangoli . We took a bath and came fresh at 9:00 am and made modakas.  And then came the fun part , chanting ganesh atharvashirsha TWENTY-FOUR times!!!! After that we ate many,many modakas . That evening we had to chant ‘ Jaise Suraj Ki Garmi’ and again atharvashirsha . And it was a super,duper hit!!!! I loved this day ! I learnt many things !   THANK  YOU!!!!!


By Aryan – 6th Grade

“Ah,” I said as I yawned and stretched my legs, “What a fine day for a holiday!” But then I racked my exercising brain and thought about, what was the holiday about. Suddenly, it all rushed back, I along with my Lifeskills class were going to participate in the preparations for Ganesha charthuthi celebrations and going to do lot of fun activity. In a second, I was out of my bed and  got ready to do the 1st task. It was 6.30am.

When everyone had come, we went to collect flowers and durva from the garden. The first on our charter was flowers. Me and my friend Omkar went to the greatest flower areas in the supreme apartment. Our first stop was the marvellous apartment path. It was right behind the gates. Coming to the point, we both collected a number of sweet smelling flowers, we didn’t pluck any flowers we just collected the dropped flowers. Mostly the flowers were yellow and white normal, but once in a blue moon you would get spiral white flowers. Before this day, I never knew that our garden had so many flowers and of a variety. We wandered around and found a huge variety of unique flowers. Some were hibiscuses, some pink, many white, many yellow and some orange flowers. After the enthralling experience, we moved on to collect Durva (three bladed auspicious grass) I and the class collected Durva. It was a tough task.

When that was that, we went to my house to create garlands for the almighty lord of beginnings, the MAHA Ganesha. There were some more flowers and needles and off we went. I was making garland for the first time, I took my superior flower – Ganesha’s favourite – the hibiscus, and laid it out. While time passed, we made our beautiful/colourful garlands.

After the garlands was the hard part, we boys had to do a rangoli. I asked god for an idea and so it came. With the utensils I had, I got a fork and created what is called abstract, after spending an hour on it. Then, after an  hr break we came back for the puja in the traditional dresses. During our break girls made modakas… later it was 10:30 am, some preparations were still going on… we waited for sometime and finally we started reciting “Atharva shirsha” for 11/12 times. We started fine, but after the 7th time of recital of the Atharvashirsha, it was seriously getting tedious, sitting at one place for so long and reciting continuously, uhhh…tough task… After around 11/12 times, we were done. Then we sang few bhajans and ate prasadam…

Finis autum amnia bona, All things must come an end and this was no exception. We had finished 6 hrs of the Maha Ganesh charthurthi celebrations. I had a great time!!!


By Omkar – 6th Grade

It was the 5th of September and I was at my friend’s house for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at 6:30 a.m. I was scheduled to 1st go down and collect flowers that have fallen on the ground. We had to as the apartment’s rules prohibit people from plucking flowers from the plants. Anyways, getting back to the point, next, we were bound for the golf course to collect durvas.

Later, after we got back, we were to make a garland for offering our own Ganesha idol. Afterwards, the 2 boys, me and one of my best friend, Aryan, were set up the task of making rangolis. On the other hand, the 2 girls had to make modakas. While the boys made rangolis, the girls had to go home to take a bath, get dressed and report for cooking duty at 9:45 while we had to do the same while those 2 were busy in the kitchen and report at 10:15.

Soon after that, we were to conduct the Pooja which consisted of a recitation of Artharvshishamm, a sloka on Lord Ganesha 21 times and have the aarthi done. About 5 minutes after the whole thing was done, we would have to accept the prasad and then report at the club house for a couple of performances.

One would be the film bhajan ‘Suraj ki Garmi se’ and the 2nd was the Artharvshirsham which we would have already recited 4 times (4times*6people-3times because of stumbling here and there=21times).

Now, to begin. I couldn’t sleep the whole night just thinking how much fun I was foretold to have and owing to this, I woke up at 4 a.m. I couldn’t wait for the fun to arrive and when I went there in great hope that we would start right away, I found Aryan reading the Deathly Hallows.

Soon, at 6:45, we had another visitor and right then, we went to collect flowers and at the same time, wait for the 3rd and final participant of the celebration. As I mentioned before, we had to abide by the rules of the community and collect the flowers that had already fallen down.

While the girls only collected flowers of a single colour (white), I, along with Aryan started roaming about the whole half of the apartment where there were flowers on the Earth collecting flowers of a variety of colours, yellow, orange, pink and what not. When all of us had successfully completed the task of flower collection, we set for the golf course to collect the lot of durvas which we would eventually require for the pooja.

We put aside our footwear for this task. It felt very fresh too walk on the grass which was wet as the ocean thanks to all the dew drops and sat there collecting as many durvas as we could. After we fulfilled our requirement, we started making bunches of 21 durvas each until we set for the indoors to commence our next fun activity which is very common for major poojas like this, making a garland of flowers.

The head of this lot taught us how to make a garland using a needle. We were to use the flowers we collected and save a few for offering our idols. She also provided us with a second hand set of marigolds, roses etc. and also suggested us to use red as Ganesha admires the colour red.

1 of the girls started hogging the supply of flowers provided and even took the basket to herself and as we took it away from here, she exclaimed “You can’t take it all for yourself,” whereas that was exactly what she was doing. But what is done is done. We can only look at the positive side of it which was that it was the 1st time we each made a garland.

We took pictures of our garlands with us and as soon as that task was accomplished, the 2 girls set for home while I and Aryan proceeded with the. Just as that specific girl hogged up all the flowers provided, Aryan had an over-share of white which is the major colour of a rangoli just as a monitor is for a computer. Well, it was a good thing we had loads of it and I can’t blame him either as he required that much as seen in the end.

I made a scenery consisting of 2 mountains with several hills at the bottom and a sunrise. On the other hand, he did abstract art just as he always does. On the other side of the set, the girls were to go home, take a bath, and report for kitchen-duty at 9:45 sharp. We finished our rangolis just as they arrived and then we set off for the same joy except for the fact that I had to conduct a pooja at my house too.

I arrived at my house and handed over the bunch of durvas, the garland and the flowers saved for offering to my parents. My parents were shocked (in a good way) at the fact that I myself made the garland and bunch of durvas. They complimented me for my work and with that, I was set for taking a bath.

Just as I finished, I was welcomed by my closet and began to choose my attire for the pooja. On choosing my kurta and jeans, we started the pooja. Just as it was concluded, I dashed for Aryan’s house as it was 10:20 and I was 5 minutes late only to find the girls who hadn’t even started the modaka making task set up for them.

Instead, they were decorating the table and the doorstep of the Lakshmi idol. I even found Aryan who proposed me a game of cards and I readily agreed. We played bluff and by God’s grace, I defeated the bluffmaster from a position when he had only 5 cards left and he said that he took ‘pity’ on me for I was in a position to lose and allowed me to win and I did not believe that. However, it could have been a fluke and a stroke of luck.

After the girls finished the cooking, we commenced with the pooja. What was supposed to be a 4 time recitation ended up being that into 1.75 times recitation and I can’t believe I finished that as my throat was sour as soon as we completed the 5th time recitation. Soon after we finished the aarthi after that long 7 time 11 stanzas sloka recitation, Prasad distribution was about to take place.

In fact, the only one who didn’t hog anything was the 2nd girl as I hogged up 4 of the 10 modakas. Soon after that, I and Aryan went downstairs for the apartment aarthi only to find it over. Then I proceeded for my house to find myself unusually weak. It continued till 3:00, the time I was supposed to perform.

I made a huge fuss on the fact that I could only do 1 of the 2 displays but I couldn’t persuade my mother for this. I was forced to do both and to my surprise, after the 2nd performance, I felt way better. My energy could even endure for some more time but I didn’t want to. So I decided to abolish my celebrations here and set for my house, relieved.

It was a great experience. I learnt many things such as patience (it takes a lot of it to collect durvas) and this was the end of my Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.


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Cucumber-Paneer cups/bites

Did you know cucumbers are fruits but we eat them as vegetables 🙂  I love cucumbers and I enjoy eating cucumbers in my Salads and Raitas. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and good source of antioxidants. They  are great energy boosters and stress busters. Cucumber contains more than 90% water.

Here is a supercool cucumber finger food recipe (stove/gas free). Its an awesome colourful appetizer. Try this nutritious & tasty recipe….

Ingredients for Cucumber-Paneer bites/cups (for four)

5 Cucumbers (medium size)

Stuffing Ingredients –

  • 100gm grated Paneer (Soft cheese)
  • 1/2 bowl chopped Spring onion
  • 1/4 bowl chopped coriander
  • 1/4 bowl chopped capsicum
  • 1/4 bowl chopped carrot
  • 1 table spoon chopped mint leaves
  • 1tsp chat masala
  • 2 garlic cloves finely chopped (optional)
  • 2 table spoon pomegranate seeds (optional)
  • 2 tsp tomato hot/chilli sauce (optional)
  • 1tsp finely chopped green chillies (optional)
  • Spices – coriander,Cumin, chilli powder – as per taste
  • Salt – as per taste
  • Indian Raisins & Cashew nuts for garnishing

How to proceed

  1. Add all the stuffing ingredients in a big bowl and mix together.
  2. Wash and Peel (optional) cucumbers and cut into rounds 1-inch to 1 1/2-inches thick.
  3. Scoop out the middle part of the cucumber with the help of spoon to make a cup. Try not to take out everything, keep a thin layer at the bottom of the cup.
  4. Fill all the cucumber cups with the stuffing
  5. Garnish it with raisins ,cashew nuts & pomegranate seeds.
  6.  Colourful, tasty, healthy cucumber-paneer cups/bites are ready.

Tip :

  • You can add any vegetables , cheese, yogurt, rice noodles etc as  stuffing.
  • The discarded cucumber middles can be used for salads or to make cucumber water or just apply them on the skin :))


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Tejomay Charitable Trust -Annual Day Celebration

Tejomay Charitable Trust celebrated its first annual day on Saturday, 19th March 2016 with zeal and enthusiasm.
Annual Day is a day when our students get an opportunity to showcase their talents in front of an audience and get recognition for their achievements. There were number of stage performances and competitions. Little students and the adult students together hosted and coordinated the entire event.

Students from the Lifeskills and values program (SanskarVarg) participated in the Rangoli and Chanting competitions. To make our little students understand the importance of food and to create an awareness about no food waste, students performed a small skit on “Do not waste food – Annnam Purnabramham”. The parents were very happy to see their children participate and perform.

Adult literacy students enthusiastically participated in the group cooking competition and different performances. we had organized a group cooking competition for the adult literacy students ~22.  All the participants presented an array of mouth watering delicacies – Momos, Vada-paav, PaavBhaji, Noodles with Manchurian, Pasta, Paani-Puri, Mixed Vada-chutney, Fresh Coconut ladoo, Jelly and Lemonade. Tejomay teachers & Adult literacy student’s employers allowed all the participants to cook food in their kitchens. More than 100+ guests visited the food stalls and appreciated students efforts and culinary skills.

All the Tejomay teachers and students put in their hearts and souls to make the annual day a great success.

You can see the annual day celebration pictures at our FaceBook page



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Cracker Free Diwali – Students Thoughts – Please read

Every year before the festival of lights “Diwali” we discuss about Diwali celebration, different celebration styles , mouthwatering delicacies & most importantly about the use of crackers,  in my classes. While discussing this I always encourage all my students to celebrate Cracker free Diwali and go eco-friendly. Sometimes its hard for kids and adults too, to say No to firecrackers completely so I request them to do this transition gradually  by setting a limited budget and  then buying only noise free crackers for Diwali and celebrating in a group and then go for the cracker free Diwali the following year. Believe me it works & quite a few students & their parents followed this in the past.

This year I have asked my senior class students to write their thoughts about Cracker free Diwali. Although only three students shared their thoughts 🙂 and I am proud to post their articles here in their own words… Please go through the writings and encourage them by sharing your views or comments so that more kids will get interested and opt for Cracker free Diwali.


By – Amodi Kulkarni , 10 yrs 

Once there were three friends playing outside their home. Their names were Anand, Rajesh and Priya. They were very excited because Diwali was the next day! Anand said, “I just can’t believe Diwali is tomorrow! I can’t wait to burst crackers”.

Rajesh said, “Yes, my parents and I are buying many, many crackers from the store”.

“No no, we should not burst crackers”, said Priya. “It will cause pollution”.

“Who cares? It’s just for the fun of it!” said Anand.

The next day, the three children burst a lot of crackers. They had a lot of fun, but by the end of the evening, they also started coughing a lot and their eyes started burning from the smoke.

“See, I told you”, Priya said, “bursting crackers will cause sickness”.

Anand said, “Yes, but we can’t undo what we did already.”

Many years later when they were older, the air was filled with smoke. The air was so dirty, it was not at all fresh. People couldn’t walk outside their homes without a mask to filter the air they breathed. Children could no longer play outside. One day, the three friends met again.

Anand said, “Just look at the atmosphere!”

Priya said, “Remember the time I told you that we should not burst crackers? We just had the temporary joy of bursting crackers, but didn’t know the permanent change it would cause”

Rajesh said, “What can we do to fix it?”

Priya said, “We can all stop bursting crackers”   THE END


By – Aryan Dixit, 10yrs

A Peek into our future (The bad side in 30-40 years )

In 30-40 years if we keep polluting our environment and keep bursting crackers, what do you think will happen? For you, dear readers, I will tell. This applies if and only if we continue our usual bad ways, habits to pollute our environment and Firecrackers are one of them . Fireworks are made of saltpetre, sulphur, charcoal and many other chemicals. In 30-40 years as I see the polluted air, water, less trees etc will cause major harm to the mother nature. In that case what i see is,  we will have oxygen tanks with mouthpieces and cylinders. If Amazon, Flipkart, and other such companies are still in business, oxygen tanks will be a hit. Striped cylinders to go with your dress, cell phone etc. The tank will be wirelessly connected to your watch. If you swipe at the watch, it will show you the oxygen level in your tank. If you have low oxygen, then you will go to a oxygen pump and refill it. Although chances of dying are high if you don’t monitor your oxygen levels or keep a backup. Sometimes you can even die because of no oxygen.

With our usual bad habits to pollute our surrounding and especially during different festivals like Diwali , Ganesh Puja etc Water will be very dirty then we will have to bathe in diluted mercury, which is very refined. In future, I can imagine an advertisement – ‘Get our Mercius shower!! Ultra-diluted for you! Your pipe’s normal mercury Ultra-diluted!! Prices from Rupees 10 to 100 lakhs!!’ Or possibly chlorine – ‘Get Chlory’s shower!! Our bathe skin suit absolutely free with shower! It will cleanse you till your shiny clean! It can make a robot pig clean. Conditions apply.’

Animals would have been butchered, killed by eating plastic, killed by eating cracker remains, killed by dirty water etc. Due to that there will be robots for everything. Robo fish in water, Robots in wild etc.

There will be hardly any trees due to pollution and cutting of trees. We will have tree mechanisms. In other words man-made living trees. Probably Tree mix men will be a new specie to save them from dying. Toy trees mixed with humans.

If you are a game with this then continue bursting crackers and pollute the environment. But if you aren’t, then :

  • Have a cracker-free Diwali
  • Convince people not to cut trees and save paper
  • Do not pollute or waste water
  • Do not pollute the environment in any way

I hope you will not burst crackers now, unless you are in with the future.

Happy  eco-friendly Diwali !!!


By – Omkar Bajaj, 10yrs

Why not to burst fire crackers?

Ø  It can make a person deaf due to the noise pollution.
Ø  It can make a person blind due to accidents while bursting crackers.
Ø  It can burn a person’s hand due to carelessness.
Ø  It can scare small kids and animals.
Ø  It can infect our lungs due to air pollution.

There has been many accidents all over due to fire crackers.

My maternal grandmother’s neighbour is an eye doctor and he is very busy due to accidents because of carelessness while using crackers. There was a kid who went blind because of carelessness while using fire crackers. Many kids hands got burnt and there have been innumerable accidents like this.

Have a safe Diwali, Have a green Diwali.


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Diwali – Festival of lights

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the biggest & the most popular festivals of India. In Sanskrit, “Deep” means lamp and “Vali” means row, inshort Deepavali means “lighting small clay lamps filled with oil in a row in and around the house.” Thats why it is popularly known as the “Festival of Lights”. generally Deepavali is a five day festival which starts on the thirteenth day after the full moon of the Hindu month Ashwin. Usually Diwali falls between mid October to mid November. During Diwali every home is illuminated with twinkling lamps. It is believed that lighting these lamps welcome Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. Colorful rangoli designs, floral decorations, mouth watering delicacies and fireworks give Diwali a grand & magnificent look.

Diwali is very enthusiastically celebrated for five continuous days and each day has its own significance. But in some states of India like Maharashtra, Karnataka Diwali starts on the 12th day of the Hindu month Ashwin. It is known as “Vasu-Baras” or “GoVatsa-Dwadashi”. It is a celebration held in honour of cows.

Day-1 : “Vasu-Baras or GoVatsa-Dwadashi”
“Go” means cow and “Vatsa” means baby cow or calf. “Vasu” means cow and “Baras” means the 12th day. Cows are considered as mother and that’s why on this day cow & calf are worshiped by the married women. On this day, millet flour chapati and beans curry are made for offerings. As we know India is an agricultural country because of that Indian culture puts a great emphasis on different festivals on animals and plants.

Day-2 : Dhanteras/Dhanatrayodashi
“Dhan” means wealth and Trayodashi means 13th day of the Hindu month Ashwin after the full moon. “Dhan-puja(Jewelry-money worship)” in the evening is an important ritual on this day. Offering of Coriander powder and sugar is made. Dhanateras is considered as an auspicious day to buy precious metals like gold, platinum etc or any utensils as a sign of good luck. “yama-Deep-Dan” is another important ritual observed on this day. Lamps, made from kneaded flour, are lit in the name of all family members and offered to Lord Yama, God of death, in the evening for the long and healthy life.

Day-3 : Narak Chaturdashi
“Chaturdashi” means the 14th day of the hindu month Ashwin. According to ancient tale, Lord Krishna killed the demon, Narkasura onthis day and protected the gods and the saints from his wrath. On this day people get up earlier than usual. “Abhyang Snan” (Elaborate bath) on Narak Chaturdashi is the most significant one. It is believed that people who do Abhyang snan before sunrise this day can avoid going to Narak(hell). Sesame oil or any perfumed oil should be used for massage before bathing. Ubtan (homemade paste) made of turmeric, gram flour, sandalwood & other Ayurvedic powders should be used for the Abhyang snan.  Afterwards a large breakfast with different delicacies is enjoyed with relatives and friends. In the evening oil lamps are lit in and around the house.

Day-4 : Lakshmi pujan
Lakshmi pujan or the worship of the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, is the most important day of the Diwali. The day of Lakshmi pujan falls on the dark night, Amavasya. People perform ‘Lakshmi Pujan’ in the evening after sunset. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi visits every house in the evening & bless everyone with wealth, prosperity and success. As it’s a dark night people lit oil lamps everywhere in the house to welcome goddess Lakshmi. Different delicacies are made on this day. Offering of puffed rice and batasha (sweet made from only sugar) are made to the goddess. Sweets & gifts are given to friends and relatives. It is also believed that on this day Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya, after he successfully rescued Sita and defeated the demon Ravana. Married ladies and girls are invited for the Haldikukkum after Lakshmi pujan.

Day-5 : Bali Pratipada/Diwali-padwa/Bali Padyami/Govardhan puja
Balipadyami or Bali Pratipada is the day on which demon king ‘Bali’ is worshiped. When Lord Vishnu in the form of ‘Vamana’ (Small bramhin) appeared before king Bali and asked for the three steps of land from generous Bali. King agreed readily, not knowing who the vamana was. As soon as Bali agreed, vamana took the huge form and occupied entire universe and the earth in two steps. Since there was no other place to put the third step King Bali offered his head to Vamana to put his third step. That’s why the meaning of of Bali pratipada here, in Sanskrit is ‘Prati’ means opponent and ‘Pada’ means foot, King Bali under the opponents feet. In some parts of India this day is called as ‘Diwali-Padwa’ and men give gifts to their wives and daughters. In north India, this day is also observed as Govardhanpuja, and is celebrated as the day Lord Krishna defeated king Indra and by lifting mountain Govardhan saved people from rain and floods.

Day-6: Bhai-Duj/Bhau-Beej/Bhai Tika/Bhaipota
Bhai Dooj is celebrated by brothers and sisters in India on the last day of Diwali, to strengthen the bond between them. On this day, sisters pray for their brothers to have long and happy lives by performing the Tilak ceremony, and brothers give gifts to them and promises to protect them. On this day,sisters invite their brothers for a grand meal which includes brothers favorite dishes. If women do not have a brother or
who live far away from their brother often worship Moon god and pray for their brother’s long and happy life.

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Ganesh Festival – Sweet Recipes

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!!

Ganesh festival is one of the major Indian festivals that is celebrated in different parts of India with great enthusiasm. Please see the link below for more information on Ganesh festival…


Today I would like to share couple of easy and delicious sweet recipes which you all can make during next ten days of Ganesh Festival… Happy Cooking!!!

Stove Free – Instant Besan Ladoo Recipe

Ingredients (for 12-15 ladoos)

  • Split Roasted Gram daal 250 gm
  • Sugar 200 gm
  • Ghee (clarified butter) 200 gm
  • Cardamom powder ½ tsp – optional
  • Dry fruits – optional

2015-09-11 12.11.31

How to proceed

  • Grind split roasted gram daal and make powder
  • Grind Sugar and make powder
  • Add Sugar and cardamom powder in the gram daal podwer
  • Add dry fruit pieces – optional
  • Mix well
  • Slowly add ghee (if ghee is thick-melt it over the low heat or microwave)
  • Mix with hands
  • Once you are able to make small balls with the mixture stop adding ghee.
  • Make small balls –ladoos
  • Instant- stove free –Delicious & Ganesha’s favourite Besan ladoos are ready .. Enjoy!!!

besan laddoo


Healthy and Yummy Thuli (crushed wheat) Halwa

Ingredients (for four)

  • 1 cup finely crushed wheat
  • 1 cup Jaggery (as per sweetness)
  • ¼ cup Ghee (clarified butter)
  • ½ tsp cardamom powder
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 1/2cups water

2015-09-11 21.18.25


    • Add Jaggery to one cup warm water and keep it aside
    • Heat the pan and pour the ghee
    • Add thuli and sauté on low heat till it turns golden brown
    • Pressure cook thuli (like rice) or microwave in 1 1/2 cup water
    • Heat the pan & Sieve the jaggery water and pour into the pan
    • Add cooked thuli in it
    • Add cardamom powder & dry fruit pieces
    • Cover and let it simmer for 15 min – stir occasionally
    • Add milk for rich creamy taste – mix well
    • Cover and let it simmer for 5-7 min – stir occasionally
    • The mixture starts thickening and starts to leave the edge of the pan
    • Healthy-Yummy Sooji Halwa is ready… Enjoy!!!




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My Non-Profit-Organization – “ Tejomay – Illuminates Life “

Dear All,

I am pleased to announce my Non-Profit Organization, Tejomay Charitable Trust

I have been running non-profit classes for kids and underprivileged women for the past seven years. Many people have shown great interest and have come forward to help in this social cause. Setting up this NGO helps in reaching out to a wider audience and achieve Tejomay’s Vision-

  • To equip all the Children with Values and LifeSkills that enable them to effectively deal with demands and challenges of everyday life.
  • To provide knowledge, skills and resources to women from the low income communities to become self-reliant and lead a successful life.

Please visit our website at


You could support us by –

  • Volunteering your time for this social cause
  • Starting similar programmes in your neighbourhood with Tejomay’s help
  • Donating to our Trust to support Tejomay’s programmes
  • Spreading awareness about Tejomay in your social circle.

We are new and surely need your help & support to achieve our vision. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Aparna Dixit


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